Thomas Jacobsen


Skied a super good GS race here in Pitztal on friday. Finished 6th. Super stoked! Then yesterday we had slalom, and i felt pretty good on top. Didn’t quite get my focus to where i know it’s gotta be, but it felt good and then i crashed out in gate 37 or something…. BUMMER!!!! Then today we had the Europacup opener. And guess what, another slalom. Today however, i had my focus in the right plac, my head in the right place and felt SUPER ready on top! Skied very good on top (probably the best slalom i’ve ever skied so far) good rythm and everything. I had a very high bib today, so the course was pretty rough, with A LOT of bumps…. I got down to last section of the course, hit a HUGE bump, but it didn’t  feel like it was to bad so i thought, good job, but then i saw my ski go past me and then i faceplanted so hard! Cut my tongue and hurt my neck…. So i was out again. Second day in a row!!!! Don’t know what it is with my slalom, but it sucks to not finish when i know i can! The good thing is i’m

progressing from every race, so something is happening for sure. So i just have to work harder and get better!

Tomorrow we ha a Europacup GS which i’m pretty stoked to compete in:-) So we’ll see how that goes!




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