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Long time no see

Hello guys. Finally back to on the blog. It’s been a while since my last update. Due to the Olympics rules and other stuff that’s been going on.. My bad, but now we’re back ;) A lot of things going on. Going skiing next week, finally! So we’ll see how that goes. All i know is that i’m super motivated for the upcoming season.I’m  training harder than ever these days, so i’m excited to go back in the bucket next week :)

Here is some pictures from the past!







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So, just got to the hotel here in St.Moritz after a pretty long ass drive from Oslo! About 26 hours, one hell of a snowstorm and slippery roads, i’m here! Got the luxury of being a passenger this time, witch wasn’t to bad;) Got here about lunchtime and went straight up the slopes and watched the Men’s World Cup Giant Slalom. Good Attacking Viking spirit today and tomorrow i’m gonna make my World Cup debut in slalom down here, so now it’s time to recharge my battery’s so i’m ready to go tomorrow!





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Skied a super good GS race here in Pitztal on friday. Finished 6th. Super stoked! Then yesterday we had slalom, and i felt pretty good on top. Didn’t quite get my focus to where i know it’s gotta be, but it felt good and then i crashed out in gate 37 or something…. BUMMER!!!! Then today we had the Europacup opener. And guess what, another slalom. Today however, i had my focus in the right plac, my head in the right place and felt SUPER ready on top! Skied very good on top (probably the best slalom i’ve ever skied so far) good rythm and everything. I had a very high bib today, so the course was pretty rough, with A LOT of bumps…. I got down to last section of the course, hit a HUGE bump, but it didn’t  feel like it was to bad so i thought, good job, but then i saw my ski go past me and then i faceplanted so hard! Cut my tongue and hurt my neck…. So i was out again. Second day in a row!!!! Don’t know what it is with my slalom, but it sucks to not finish when i know i can! The good thing is i’m

progressing from every race, so something is happening for sure. So i just have to work harder and get better!

Tomorrow we ha a Europacup GS which i’m pretty stoked to compete in:-) So we’ll see how that goes!




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Travel days

Sorry for not blogging for a couple of weeks. Been busy with other stuff that i have going on. Working with some sponsors etc! But now i’m on a trip again, so now i have some time to blog:-)

I left Oslo yesterday. Took the boat over to Kiel, Germany, and spent the entire day today driving down to Munich (8 hour drive) A quick sleep over here tonight as well as picking Mads up, and tomorrow we’re heading to Pitztal, Austria. Have two IPCAS (same as FIS) races on friday and saturday and my first Europa-cup races on sunday, monday, tuesday, wednesday off, europa-cup thursday, friday and saturday before driving home for christmas:-) So it’s going to be a bit hectic:-)

Working on my photoskills:-)

Working on my photoskills:-)



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So! Today was gate day! We had a good slalom-session in the morning before having a nice lunch and a GOOOOD nap:) Then in the afternoon we had a another session on snow before having a «photoshoot» and dinner! Tomorrow is a another session before raceday on thursday and friday, which i’m actually looking forward to! Had some good progress in slalom so far, so hopefully things go better than last year;)

So here is some pics from today!:) (All photo by Egil Bryn) IMG_7871 IMG_7872 IMG_7875 IMG_7910 IMG_7911 IMG_7942 IMG_7951

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Sånn, da har vi brukt dagen på å forflytte oss fra Kaunertal i Østerrike til Landgraaf i Nederland hvor vi skal bli værende kommende uke! 7 1/2 timers biltur gikk unna på et blunk:P Min strålende positive «co-driver» gjorde jobben lekende lett for meg som sjåfør:) Tenkte jeg skulle legge ut noen naturbilder fra Kaunertal jeg kom over. De er alle tatt av Rune Oland Larsen så all «cred» til han:)

Skal prøve å legge ut litt hver dag herfra nå, så følg med:) Enn så lenge nyt disse her:)




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Så! Endelig litt tid til litt oppdateringer!

Er i Østerrike på treningsleir med Danmark og Sverige! Vært en helt magisk uke her nede med mye bra skikjøring og en fantastisk utvikling og hedligvis går den i riktig retning:) Positivt! Hotellet er også veldig fint! Med spa, vaskehall osv:) Team Dream Chasers er på sin første «offisielle» tur og so far so good:) Team Dream Chasers består av Mads Andreassen og meg selv. Ikke det største teamet men vi klarer oss:) Skal prøve å bli litt flinkere til å legge ut her fremover, så følg med videre:)



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Can't wait to get back on snow! :)

Can’t wait to get back on snow! :)

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Velkommen skal du være! Blir spennende og hvordan dette går! Ha litt tålmodighet så blir nok dette bra! : )

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